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Vision to Venture:
Turning your ideas into reality

Have you ever started something new you were really excited about, but after doing it for a while, you reached a point where you just felt like:
If so, welcome to the podcast that leads you through turning your VISION
into a real and thriving business VENTURE.
Your host is David Bee, a professional Accountability Buddy and friend, here to help you navigate the world of entrepreneurship.Whether you're starting your service business, drafting your first digital course, launching a coaching program, or planning digital events, the IDKWTF I Was Doing Podcast is sharing the stories and lessons of those who have come before us to help you guide your way.Each episode packs a punch of inspiration, practical strategies, and real-world wisdom because our mission is to empower you with the courage to take action despite not knowing exactly what to do next.Welcome back and let’s continue to grow and succeed together!

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David Bee

Short Bio:David Bee helps new entrepreneurs set up their landing pages, courses, or events faster, with less expenses, and more simplicity than just about any other business or personal development coach in the industry.(Plus, you will have dramatically more fun doing it than you would possibly expect!)

David Bee started working in the retail world in high school around the year 2001. After years of under-appreciation David decided to branch off and create something new that would add value to the world.Though it was (and continues to be) an incredible journey of trial, error, failure, and success, David now spends the majority of his time helping people who are also interested in having some epic adventures.For those who have a burning passion inside of them, or a heartfelt mission they need to share, David can help you turn it into a functional business, avoiding the financial, and technical mistakes that he went through.Unlike other business or personal development coaches, David helps you set up the actual systems and assets for your business to run. Not simply the mindset or theory.Amazingly, he will also help you do it faster, cheaper, and easier than just about any other business coach in the industry. (Plus, you will have dramatically more fun doing it than you could possibly expect.)

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About Us:
Our show is titled:
I Didn’t Know What The Fck I Was Doing - Podcast!”
Normalizing the conversation around that discomfort we feel when starting something we haven't done before.It's healthy to admit we are confused, struggling, or just don’t know what the right next step should be.In our episodes, we share stories about undertaking new business adventures, discuss the silly mistakes we all make, and analyze the simple and complex struggles all of us have gone through, in order to reduce the stigma of what many consider failure, but what is really progress.Hear from special guests, learn incredible tips and tricks, and let all of us help you avoid some of the inevitable setbacks that lay ahead on
your adventure in life.
IDK WTF I'm doing, and it's okay if you don't either.
Below is our most recent episode:

Format of the showOur podcast is video and audio. Uploaded to Spotify Video, Facebook Watch, as well as YouTube.The vibe is very free flowing, we don't have many pre-scripted questions, we're more interested in letting you show off your knowledge and share your expertise with our audience. We keep it as more of a free flowing conversation, and will ask questions as they arise.We ask that you focus on giving value for the majority of the interview, however, we will provide you with an opportunity at the end to give away a freebie, and/or promote your product or service to our audience.There won't be any “gotcha” style questions as we're looking to present you in the best light possible to help you grow your reach and your message.

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IDK WTF I'm Doing...

And It's Okay!

4 steps taking you from OVERWHELM into ACTION

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Have you ever started something new you were really excited about and invested time or money into, but after doing it for a while, you reached a point where you just felt like “I HAVE NO IDEA WTF I’M DOING!”Have you felt that bubbling up of frustration because you’re not quite as good as you thought you’d be, or it’s nowhere near as easy as you expected?Or possibly you've felt guilty for quitting or stopping, and you don’t feel like you can admit or express this to anyone?If you’ve recently started a project or goal but have stopped, gotten stuck, or are starting to feel burned out, this is 100% the book for you!An unexpected thing about having a dream you want to accomplish is that it can be a very isolating experience.It's lonely because visionaries tend to see the world the way it could be, instead of settling for the way the world currently is (like so many others do).The truth is, all you need to get started again is admitting you don't actually know what's going on and then having the right support to keep going.The IDK WTF I'm Doing… And it's okay! Book is designed to quickly take you away from the feeling of frustration and overwhelm, and bring you into the calmness and clarity needed to reach the life you know in your heart you’re destined to have.Download your complimentary copy today, because Teresa and David are here to join you, and be your supportive friends and partners through this journey.Let’s get unstuck together.

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IDK WTF I'm Doing

And It's Okay!

4 steps taking you from OVERWHELM into ACTION

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IDKWTF I Was Doing...Community!

Join the conversation with hundreds of other ACTION TAKERS to get instant feedback, advice, and opinions from those who are determined to make a difference in this world by getting their project done!

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AI CollaborativeSupport Group

Are you tired of trying to keep up with the increasingly rapid amount of changes happening with AI technology?This is the solution that will change the game for you! Introducing:The AI Collaborative
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If you work for yourself (or want to) and you're ready to redefine your success, amplify your impact, and accelerate your income...I'd like to welcome you into our exclusive community,Here, we leverage the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to supercharge your entrepreneurial journey. This isn't just about keeping pace with the digital revolution - it's about staying ahead of it.As a member, you'll gain access to cutting-edge AI tools that can convert books into bite-sized content, create stunning marketing images, repurpose YouTube content for Reels and TikToks, build cost-effective landing pages, and much more.But this isn't just about the tools - it's about the tangible results they can deliver.From boosting your visibility to streamlining your operations, our community is designed to provide a significant return on your investment, enabling you to earn more income faster than you ever expected.Don't just take our word for it - read on to discover how AI can be your game-changer in this competitive digital landscape. The future is waiting—are you ready to seize it?

🚀 Picture this: a community of ambitious entrepreneurs just like you, coming together to share knowledge, experiences, and strategies in a collaborative and supportive environment. Say goodbye to the isolated struggle of entrepreneurship and welcome a network that will uplift and empower you on your journey to success.🌐 Our Collaborative Support Group is not your average run-of-the-mill network. It's a dynamic ecosystem designed to foster innovation, growth, and collective achievement. Here's what sets us apart:Collective Wisdom: Access the combined expertise of like-minded entrepreneurs who understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the ever-evolving AI landscape. Our members bring diverse perspectives and experiences, ensuring you receive valuable insights that will transform your business.Collaborative Brainstorming: Say farewell to brainstorming sessions in solitude! Engage in vibrant discussions, exchange ideas, and spark creativity as you collaborate with fellow visionaries. Together, we'll unlock new dimensions of innovation and propel each other towards greatness.Supportive Environment: As part of our Collaborative Support Group, you'll never feel alone on your entrepreneurial journey. Gain encouragement, motivation, and guidance from a community that genuinely wants to see you succeed. Celebrate your wins and find strength in overcoming challenges together.Validation and Feedback: Receive honest and constructive feedback from a trusted network of peers. Validate your ideas, strategies, and business plans before taking the leap. Our supportive community will provide insights and suggestions to refine your approach and ensure your success.Collective Resources: Access a wealth of shared resources, tools, and connections that will give you a competitive edge. From AI-driven automation to cutting-edge technologies, our Collaborative Support Group is at the forefront of the latest advancements. Leverage these resources to streamline your processes and unlock new opportunities.Join us now and become part of this exclusive community of entrepreneurs on the forefront of innovation. Together, we will navigate the AI revolution and position ourselves for unparalleled success!To secure your spot and be among the first to experience the power of our Collaborative Support Group, simply click the link below. Spaces are limited, so sign up now because you’re already here!Ready to revolutionize your journey? Embrace collaboration, unlock untapped potential, and propel yourself to new heights. Join our Collaborative Support Group today and witness the extraordinary difference it can make!

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Are you ready to embrace the power of AI and skyrocket your business and life to new heights?Look no further! I’m personally inviting you to check out our closed community, designed specifically for entrepreneurs who aren’t overly tech-savvy, like yourself, who want to stay ahead of the curve and leverage AI to their advantage. Join our group of forward-thinking individuals who understand that AI won't replace us, but entrepreneurs using AI will!

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You can go back to the frustrating open Facebook groups full of spam, bots, and barely literate NPC's who ask the same questions filling your Facebook feed with digital pollution.Or you can move forward with a tiny investment and join a group of likeminded peers who are working towards the same goal as you.

Are you ready to be ahead of the curve as we move into the future?

I, David Bee, am personally inviting you to check out our closed community, designed specifically for entrepreneurs who aren’t overly tech-savvy, like yourself, who want to stay ahead of the curve and leverage AI to their advantage.Join our group of forward-thinking individuals who understand that AI won't replace us, but entrepreneurs using AI will!✨ Here's what you can expect as a member of our closed group community: ✨1️⃣ Monthly Intensive Masterminds: Gain exclusive access to cutting-edge strategies and techniques. Our experts will showcase the best of the best, empowering you to unlock the full potential of AI in your business. Prepare to be amazed as we unveil game-changing insights that will revolutionize your approach! [$197 Value]2️⃣ Weekly Check-Ins: (Personal Tier) Share your progress, successes, and challenges with a supportive community. Our weekly sessions provide a platform for you to celebrate wins, seek advice, and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs who are also harnessing the power of AI. Together, we'll conquer obstacles and propel each other toward greatness! [$97 Value]3️⃣ Daily Chat Group: (Personal Tier) Need quick help or instant feedback? Our active chat group is here to provide immediate assistance whenever you need it. Engage in lively discussions, bounce ideas off others, and receive valuable insights from our community of AI enthusiasts. Never feel stuck again with this incredible support system! [$47 Value]4️⃣ Unlimited One-on-One Support with David Bee. (Personal Tier) Together we can walk through how to use any and all of these tools whenever you need help between noon and midnight! [$497 Value]5️⃣ Exclusive AI Tools and Resources: Access a curated collection of AI tools, software, and resources that can help you implement AI in your business. Benefit from AI platforms, libraries, tutorials, case studies, and best practices.6️⃣ AI Case Studies and Success Stories: Get inspired by real-world case studies and success stories of entrepreneurs who have successfully implemented AI in their businesses. Learn practical insights and see how AI can be applied across different industries and sectors.7️⃣ AI Networking Events: Connect with like-minded individuals interested in AI through networking events, conferences, or meetups. Explore collaboration opportunities, partnerships, and share ideas and experiences.8️⃣ Collaborative AI Projects: Engage in collaborative AI projects with fellow community members. Collaborate on AI research, development, or implementation initiatives, fostering teamwork and innovation.

But seriously, get ready to witness the transformation of your entrepreneurial journey with these mind-blowing things AI can do right now, things that were essentially science fiction last year:📚 Converting entire books into bite-sized content:Imagine effortlessly transforming lengthy books into engaging blogs, captivating social media posts, and inspiring quotes in literally less than a second. Maximize your reach and captivate your audience with content that speaks volumes, all with the help of AI.🎨 Creating a "metric ton" of marketing images and content through a couple of clicks without using Midjourney:No design skills? No problem! These new AI tools will empower you to generate an abundance of stunning content with ease. Say goodbye to tedious design tasks and hello to visually captivating assets that will elevate your brand.🎥 Auto convert YouTube content into Reels/TikToks:Repurpose your existing YouTube content and effortlessly reach a wider audience on Reels and TikTok. Now, AI-driven automation can automatically find the best parts of the video, and handle the conversion process, ensuring your content is optimized for each platform. Boost your visibility and drive more traffic to your business!💻 Creating incredibly inexpensive landing pages/websites:Building a professional online presence shouldn't break the bank or be difficult. With AI, you can create high-converting landing pages and websites at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time. No coding or design skills are required—just a few simple steps to a captivating online presence.🎉 Auto-generate incredible thumbnails/cover art for free:Capture attention and make a lasting impression with stunning thumbnails and cover art. Our AI-powered tools will automatically generate eye-catching visuals for your videos, ensuring your content stands out from the crowd—all at no cost!💡 Keep up with the newest trends:Stay ahead of the game with AI-powered insights on the latest trends. From using hundred of thousands of words in a prompt, text-to-video creation, or publishing your own music, our support group will keep you informed and equipped with the knowledge to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving AI landscape.


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Discover the endless possibilities that will keep you relevant, focused, and successful!Spaces are limited, so don't miss out on this opportunity to become part of a thriving community of entrepreneurs who are leveraging AI to transform their businesses!🌟 To secure your spot click the link above and let's do this! I can't wait to welcome you into this community and witness you soar to new heights with the power of AI!Remember, AI is not here to replace us—it's here to empower us. Don't let the fear of technology hold you back. Embrace the opportunities it presents and join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to embrace the future.The future is waiting—are you ready to seize it? 💪🚀

Whoa, Whoa Whoa.... Let's Talk!

I totally get it – decision-making can take some time.I want you to know that it's absolutely alright to take a moment to think things over.But guess what?I believe you're here for a reason.You're seeking support, a vibrant community, and the chance to unlock your true potential as a passionate entrepreneur, and there are so many AI-driven tools that can speed up that process for you.I'm bringing this group together to provide the resources, knowledge, and guidance you need to make waves in business and life.So here is what I propose, because I know there is a lot of weird stuff online, so:Let's chat! In-person!

Call or Text:
You can reach me directly at my personal number:
303-596-0511Yes, you read that right – it's my personal number.Why am I giving you such sensitive information?Because I'm looking for smart, capable, and downright awesome people to join our community, just as much as you're searching for support and collaboration, and because you're still here, I'm pretty sure that means you.

Want to keep things traditional? Shoot me an email at and I'll be on it like peanut butter and jelly.

I'll call you!
I get it, you're busy... let's dedicate some time to spend together at your convenience, no problem!
Just click on the Calendly link pick a time that suits you best and I'll reach out to you!We can do a phone call or jump in my Zoom room. It's like having a coffee date with a friend – minus the caffeine jitters.

Congratulations on Joining our Exclusive AI Community!

You've taken a crucial step towards unlocking the extraordinary potential of AI in your business. As an esteemed member of our closed group community, get ready to embark on an incredible journey of growth, innovation, and unparalleled opportunitiesBut first, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for choosing to join us. Your decision to become part of our community of forward-thinking entrepreneurs demonstrates your commitment to staying ahead of the curve and leveraging AI to its fullest extent.We're thrilled to have you on board!Now, it's time to connect, collaborate, and thrive together. Here's what you need to do next:

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By joining our Facebook Group, you'll gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about leveraging AI to drive success. It's a hub of inspiration, knowledge sharing, and networking that will help accelerate your growth as an AI-driven entrepreneur.We encourage you to introduce yourself, share your goals, and engage in conversations with fellow members. Remember, this is a safe space where you can seek advice, offer insights, and celebrate your wins. Together, we're unstoppable!As a member, you'll also receive exclusive benefits, including:

  • Monthly Intensive Masterminds: Gain access to cutting-edge strategies and techniques presented by our expert mentors. Discover game-changing insights that will revolutionize your approach to AI in your business.

  • Weekly Check-Ins (Group Tier): Share your progress, celebrate successes, and seek advice within our supportive community. Collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs who are also harnessing the power of AI.

  • Daily Chat Group (Personal Tier): Get instant assistance, engage in lively discussions, and receive valuable insights from our active chat group of AI enthusiasts.

  • Unlimited One-on-One Support with David Bee (Personal Tier): Benefit from personalized guidance and support directly from David Bee himself.

We're thrilled to have you as part of our community, and we can't wait to witness your remarkable journey with AI. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.Once again, thank you for joining our exclusive AI community. Let's embark on this transformative AI adventure together!Best regards,

David Bee
P.S. Stay tuned for exciting updates, AI resources, and upcoming events! Make sure to regularly check our Facebook Group for the latest announcements and insights.

Reflection and Goal SettingWorkshop Replay!

Join the conversation with your other ACTION TAKERS with feedback, advice, and opinions from those who are determined to make a difference in this world by getting their project done!

You did a great job today! We started looking back and reflecting on where you've been, taking into account what has gone well and what didn't, then using that to pick a theme/word for your upcomoing year, and then listing out the specific goals the help you become that person, and finally organizing a literal step-by-step map to get you to that place that you want to be.Going through this process puts you so far ahead of 99% of the population so much so, that's it seemingly just gives you an unfair advantage at sucess. However, anyone could do it, but so many people don't.You should feel good about going through this process, no matter how far you got in today's workshop because there are so many out there who want to change, but they don't show up, and they don't do the work, but you're ready, you did show up, and you are getting the work done. That's something feel proud of doing. You don't necessarily have to celebrate, like crazy. but at least know that we think you're awesome for being here, and this is what we love to do.What David and Teresa have discovered is that there is a plethora of 10,000 Masterminds or $1000/hour coaches out there that teaching all of this stuff as well, but that's not something everyone can afford to do, and the coaching and personal development industry really seems to leave behind those who are just getting started, or those not looking to make a 7 figure income with their side business. But that's who Teresa and David have come together to help.This is what we're passionate about, and we've had thousands of conversations with entrepreneurs, mothers, executives, and people just like you looking to make some changes and growth in their life.What we've found is there are some really big blocks that people get stuck on? And if it's okay with you guys, what I would like to do is kind of share after you. So if your wanting to keep going, click below to see how we've designed a perfect system, that will ensure you get your goals accomplished, with us being there not just to give you information, but also support and accountability.This will help get you there, faster and easier, making less mistakes, and avoiding common roadblocks and pitfalls that hold so many people back.

Ultimate Get Sh!t Done Bundle

Reach Your Goals Faster

The exact tools to go from overwhelm and frustration
to calmness and clarity
while being supported
by those who care about you.

Click below to get access today!

So we've put together something that we call the Ultimate Get Shit Done Bundle, It's a collection of some of the best tools we have availible to support you while you're getting your shit done.

What's included?

1) Three Steps to Success Webinar -Why it's is so much closer than you think, but it's been so hard to reach in the past.--This goes through a much more detailed framework of once you have your goals, how to put those in place and make sure that you're making those right decisions to get you where you want to go.

2) The Three Reasons You Haven't Yet Reached Your Current Goal Mini Course. - It's deeper than you think, but it's not your faultIt's not only important to look at how to succeed, but it's also really important to look at how to prevent failure. Once we understand our self-sabotaging habits, it makes reaching our goals. practically automated because we know how to, get ourselves to the finish line, without tripping over our own feet.

3) Digital Guide BundleThis is the most useful tool from Colorado Mastermind that helps you analyze your project deeper, and know how to ask for support in the right way, as well as Teresa's Evening Reflection Guide, which is a daily tool to add more insight and gratitude into your life every single day.

4) Science Based Mindset Toolkit - For smart people who self sabotage and know they should be doing better.In here we cover the unknown language our mind unconsciously uses when stressed, one key tool to analyze our (and others) unconscious behavior, a deep and powerful exercise uncover exactly how our past has unconsciously shaped us, and the one tool that shows how our psyche tricks us into failure.

Courses, books, and tool kits aren't enough to accomplish goals. Which is why we're also adding in the single most important think you'll need.Actual one-on-one support.David Bee is an entrepreneurial consultant who can help you unlike other business or personal development coaches, David helps you set up the actual systems and assets for your business to run. Not simply the mindset or theory. Let's launch your business with landing pages, courses, or events today

Finally, we're also adding into this package is the ability to be featured on our podcast! Whether it's an interview to get your business or service some exposure, or we're happy to plug your company, product, or service in one of our sponsored ads as. When you're working with us, we want to give you as much positive attention as possible.

This is well over a thousand dollars worth of content.And, because this is our flagship product that we've put together. You guys will never see it for lower than $397.Which is the entry level price until we start adding more products and support inside of it.(You will have access to 100% of the additions or upgrades that we make to it.)However, today:Because you participated in our workshopBecause you're getting your goals setWe want to reward you and remove any barriers possibleLet’s get unstuck, together!

Over $1000 in products!!!

Only $397


Last updated December 10, 2020

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